I guess it took me six months and 23 posts to understand why I needed to start writing a blog.  Not bad! I can take much longer to recognise less important things in life.

Literally “forced” by my wife, I initiate earlier this year the regular sharing of events, business thoughts, favorite places and the different people I am fortunate to meet along the road.

My biggest concern when I started was the fact, that I could not identify my value proposition (clearly), What I was writing and to whom? So I decided to do, what I usually do in business and share in my classes – test it!

I guess my last trip was the turning point I was looking for. The moment you turn your hypotheses into facts usually coincide with the moment you know that you can proceed, just like in business.

Maybe because I am missing home so much or just because time insistently continues to move forward I am afraid I did not noticed that the week passed above my head.

Thursday night before leaving to Kiev, I went down from my room to the first floor at the UCU Collegium in Lviv, there is a tiny beautiful chapel usually empty late at night, one of my best hidden secrets which for the last year have seen me as a regular visitor.


When you come from the light to the dark, your eyes get lost for a while, and it takes few minutes to get used to the different shadows, forms and notion of space in general.

While sited on a corner, leaning my back against the wall, I felt so relaxed, comfortable and at ease with my soul and my body, that almost automatically I start revising the week and the days ahead, it is easy when you let the “true light” enter your life.

My third week of September started with a new master students group of Innovations and Entrepreneurship at LvBS, an exciting handful of bright and courageous young man and women, their passion and enthusiasm for learning made me miss them even before leaving.


Looking at the way they were throwing paper airplanes into the air I could see they were close to their element, I was very proud to see that.


I can see that every new generation coming up, despite some challenging habits, is focused in being happy, which brings me so much hope for this world. Lets see how happy they will be with the amount of work I am going to give them between now and next spring (sorry…could not resist to laugh out loud after writing this last sentence).

Wednesday and Thursday I went to another planet, literally another planet. My mission was to provoke and energize some top professionals at Softserve, an IT lighthouse in Ukraine, in order to ignite the rethinking of what and how they are doing things today.

I had a blast with this group, especially when I observe the way they were working in groups or individually, damn smart people which happen to be engineers but that easily could have been anything else they wanted.


At Softserve I tasted the incredible power of emergent economies in the knowledge sector, when I think about their new business ideas, only one thing crosses my mind – watch out world!

Their reactions on the carrousel scene from mad men, made me confirm the theory that there is a man or women behind every engineer 🙂


Some very good things are cooking there, I just hope they manage to dare taking their potential to the next level.

A critic or a compliment (you choose)  I had the chance to share with a very brave entrepreneur I meet for dinner, Taras Vervega, who happens to be one of the very first visionaries to help bring Softserve to the world. The stories he told about the early years of the company are worth a movie with a million pictures.

I still had a great challenge waiting for me in at the end of one of the working days, a session with faculty and staff from Lvbs. Teach teachers how to teach? No, the approach was actually very different, using the words of Yarka Boychuk, was more of a tour behind the curtain. This are those moments you have to walk on wire, risky indeed…but I am sure some of them will keep their paper airplanes in a special place.


Business meetings all done, classes and trainings done, I even got the chance to be student for a couple of hours with inspiring Andrian Slywotzky at Lvbs, thank you Sophia Optaska for inviting me.

Friday I was already back in Kiev to give my first working sessions at Kiev school of economics (KSE), their new location and the help of all staff made my weekend very easy and pleasant.

It is always good to see a room full with people that are not there by chance or by mistake. The high level of students from MA in Business and financial economics and economic analysis impressed me very much…a tough audience thou, it took me more than 45 minutes to get them to smile. But I am almost sure that some of the things we talked will remain for a long time in their heads and hearts.


Hearing their ideas was the best way to close my teaching, thank you all for giving me so much. Thank you Pavlo Sheremeta for inviting me.

Before departing, still time to have same great cheese and wine with my friend Andriy Fedoriv, which continually “conspires” in favor of our world with is unique way of developing business, just take a look at Slam Stop.

I respect him very much for putting is name at the door of his company (fedoriv.com), just like Leo Burnett did 78 years ago, there is no higher stake for an entrepreneur, and only the ones that dare to do it, know that.

Returning back home, first to Madrid and after to Lisboa, I was still not aware that two big surprises were about to happen.

Looking from the window of my 17f seat I saw for the very first time in my life a group of whales swimming while we were descending to land, could not take a picture with my camera by I can assure all of you, that it will remain one of the highlights of my life, and I guess I was able to see them, because I took another perspective to see things.

Entering home I had the cherry on top of the cake, my youngest son Misha, prepared a little art gallery with all his school works at kindergarden, and suddenly, magic!

All pain and tiredness of the trip disappear, everything makes sense. My life makes sense because I know that my presence in other peoples life make them feel better. Starting from home…


I guess I understood that my “small nothings”, my achievements and failures, dreams (and sometimes nightmares) that come true, and my genuine attempts to be better every day can help others and can help me, that’s why I write my blog.

Usually done at 37 thousand ft when phones and e-mails cannot reach me, this is what I can see from up here!

Have a great week.