Over the past two weeks submersed in work and more work I end up blocking, to the point that I was not even sure when I would be able to write another post on this blog, true story.

Usually when I block it is not something related with a specific moment, it is not fast, is a process that never happens overnight.

Being somehow an organized person, I tend to know what I have to do and when I have to do it, I believe I once shared about my 30m and 45m working sessions as a tool to improve my creative diversity output.

I know my blockages, they have a pattern.

Every time I feel that I am falling behind on good ideas or my work output in the end of the day does not satisfy me I usually tend to “punish” myself with more work and more deadlines the next day.

The extra pressure is good because it keeps me on my toes, when the mind is hitting a “wall” I tend not to turn my back on it and continue to “drill” my way trough. Many times that’s my best secret to defeat procrastination and usually, after a while life goes on.

The issue becomes a problem when after few consecutives days the wall does not come down and the will to proceed becomes lower and lower, It seems that every reason is a good reason not to finish what I have to.

And that’s when I Know, I am blocked.


When becomes official I notice that I hate everything I write, I cannot finish a decent strategy, papers start flowing directly to the trash bin and I even start to delay to reply e-mails, which for me is an act against my religion 🙂

Days pass by and I start feeling that my head is about to break trough the roof, nothing, literally, nothing seems to be able to help me, until the moment I realize it and accept that I am blocked.

I feel defeated and I stop pushing, that’s it.

When I am blocked I usually call a day off and this is the way it goes.

I go for breakfast with a friend, usually I pick someone that will tell me exactly what he thinks about my mental blockages, after a couple of hours, you understand that being challenged is the best way to start the day, it makes you more humble and ready to see things beyond your perspective, choose wisely.

Next, I visit another friend, this time, someone I haven’t seen for a long time, catching up makes you disconnect from what is dragging you down and puts you in the perfect position to travel back and forth trough the years of friendship, when phones are out and you start showing to each other pictures of the kids you understand that after all you are not alone in this world.

Next stop, lunch with my brother and sister, rolling straight down to memory lane, nothing can stop you from enjoying every single moment. I notice that my body starts reacting differently, I can think again!

Suddenly in the afternoon, the first couple of new and fresh ideas start flowing again, some people call it mojo and prefer to think of it as reconnecting with your soul.

Next stop, offer yourself a one hour massage, with your brain totally off, every single brick starts falling into place, just like playing Tetris, you start passing level after level and going for a new high score.

Once the body is reconnected with your mind, it is time to have fun.

Pick up your kids from school as soon as you can and rush them to the candy store to choose a bag of gummy bears, you get to have one as well.


On the way home, roll down the windows and put the music as loud as you can, singing with the rest of the gang at full power, after all it is Friday and Friday I’m  in love.

First thing I got home, went up to the office and wrote down during a couple of hours all the solutions for my blockages, that’s it, I can see things clear and next week challenges are just around the corner with a handful of great solutions at hand.

Time to celebrate the unblocking, open a bottle of wine and lets drink to life.


To wrap up the evening, a great bath and get your wife and kids out for Pizza, after all no one wants to cook tonight.

With everybody in bed, take the hand of your wife, the person that supported you throughout a very hard week and say thank you, without her I wouldn’t  be writing this.

If you do happen to block next week, use it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, write down what helps you move forward, what works better with you and I can assure you one thing.

Next time it will be easier.

Make me a favor and have a great week!