25 years ago when my airplane departed from LAX I remember an incredible feeling; many minutes after taking off we were still on top of the big City in the west coast. That same notion of size has lasted until today and encapsulates well my thoughts about this place.

After one week traveling within the borders of the most southwestern state I can tell you that if California was an Hotel, it would be a very large one with plenty of thematic rooms.

Let’s star from the beginning. The world truly expands when we travel, but simultaneously becomes smaller and cozy when we meet old friends, make new friends or simply let ourselves be in motion with local people.

I start off near the Mexican border.

Following my theory about how small this “little round blue sphere” is, I visit an old Brazilian friend that lives in San Diego for many years and family relatives in LA. It felt pretty good to talk Portuguese after so many weeks, but most of all , it is amazing to be in a place you don’t know, but by being around friends you suddenly become connect with it, like salt in your food.


When you add the human layer on top of places, the location you visit becomes undoubtedly special, when you think about a name, what comes to your mind it is actually the people and the experiences you have together.

I am getting convinced that companies like airbnb are really getting into the hospitality business and taking it for good while most of hotels and motels will get stuck in the sleeping business.

Hotel California, is huge. With tremendous contrasts between places;

The deserts in the south, the Sequoia and Yosemite parks, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, the orange fields, the grape fields or the incredible pacific coast. So much to see and so different from one another.

Looking back at this last week, I am not sure what touched more, I probably need some time to digest, but here are my highlights;

– many of us are aware that the “system” is very close to be broken…well, in California I am afraid it is already broken for many of the people leaving there. The amount of homeless people beat all my previous sightings. In one word, Thought Love.

– I have been around many places and big megapolis, but LA just become a glimpse of what our admirable new world is becoming…a terrible place to live. 20 million plus colonized an area that swallow several cities inside, soulless, without any distinctive feature except for smog and a sign up on the mountain. The stories I heard from locals makes me wonder what will happen next.


– On top of all things…I could sense that there is something cooking in low fire for a long time inside this society, what kind of result is going to come out is hard to say…but something is about to burst and it will be big. Such a beautiful place deserves better.

– The Sequoia and the Redwood forests are outstanding, mysterious and profound, the walks and the thoughts will stay with me in a special place. Avenue of Giants makes you think about WTF are we doing with our environment and planet…I meant it, the planet is telling us something seriously and we are not listening.

note* to truly understand this picture you need to amplify the image 🙂


Definitely I will need more time to digest;

– Santa Cruz (reminded me my little paradise of Azenhas do Mar)
– San Francisco (remind of old Lisboa)
– The pacific Coast Highway
– The descent from Big Bear Lake
– The Mojave Desert
– The Death Valley

And finally the confirmation a pretty interesting plot for another story to be told 🙂

Well…I guess I need to look at the pictures, sometimes I still don’t believe I am doing what I am doing 🙂

Next stop Oregan and Washington state.

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