The sky is full of mist and scary clouds, the airplane is shaking so much that the crew did not manage to serve us food, meaning that these are moments you wish two things;    1) be with your feet on the ground, 2) See something

Aboard this tiny Bombardier CRJ 900, I take advantage of the window seat with no view and this time I have to be the one creating my own imagines.

This is what I can see from here.

I cannot truly explain the reason why I feel so happy and comfortable every time I return to certain places. This last two months have been fueled with such moments.

Two types of images jump into my mind every time I revisit a known location; its either things or experiences usually spent in the company of someone.

The list of “things” can be more or less extensive but on average are directly related with strong impressions or hard to forget mistakes.

On a slightly different note the experiences I remember are usually random acts of kindness, love and the best of what human nature has to offer.

Wrapping up an intense working week in Ukraine the Beautiful, I took a walk in the city of Lviv to caress with my feet some of those pearls, moments that justify all efforts, sacrifices and long nights in our life.

Some years ago, during summer, I was with my family in the region on vacations and our oldest boy had to join us a week later because of school final exams, meaning that he got “awarded” with a solo flying trip at the age of 13 (not bad at all).


That day is still frozen in time.

When I pass by an old tree that use to be covered with embroidery (not in use anymore) I have to hold on to my heart with both hands not to burst in tears of happiness, literally.

I can see my wife, my two oldest kids and the flag of Portugal (yes, cheesy, but so good), I close my eyes and I can feel them in me…amazingly simple, as if all your life complexity becomes dematerialized in blink of an eye.


Going back to the first paragraph, I am not really sure about the core reason for such ocean of emotions, but honestly speaking, these are the true important “treasures” and probably the only ones you want to “collect” and keep in a special place in your heart.

You will forget (and hopefully forgive) the people who took advantage of you, the terrible disease that took before time your loved ones, the countless idiots that make you doubt about human condition but you will never forget the moment you wave your hand out of the car window and felt the hot air in your skin, you will never forget the ones that lived and continue to live inside your heart.


Why don’t you try something new…open a museum of moments, experiences and people in your life and keep it open to the “public” for free…dont collect things.