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Did it end ? Did this dark night ended ? Not yet!

I am not sure if someone knows when it started or who did started ? But now it does not really matter… it is already here, it is all around us and we have to deal with it.

Stop for a while and look at people around you… look at your colleagues, friends, acquaintances, clients, suppliers, tv stars, movie stars, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, whatever…

Look…we live in a world with no commitment anymore…gone, vaporized, vanished, everything is now replaced by buttons; like, share, retweet, pin, you name it.

Did it end? Did this dark night ended? Not yet!

We are not committed with the environment, we don’t give a shit until the shit knocks at our door.

We are not committed with colleagues, once they walk out the hall and we forget the farewell dinner drink…too bad..for him.

We are not committed with friends, until we need something from them, hopefully they are still alive.

We are not committed with mankind, if its 12 dead people, 50 or 1000 , and it is far away enough…it is a problem indeed, but honestly…it is a problem for them, since we are all Charlie(s) we will support with a jpg.

We are not committed with our neighbors, actually…we don’t even know who are our neighbors, we dont know anything about them…hopefully they are (also) still alive.

Did it end? Did this dark night ended? Not yet!

The believer is not committed with God, the music fan with the old band, the kid with the ice cream, the business owners with the employees, the politicians with whom elect them…

Did it end? No, not yet…

You still need to change the world within your world, it is not optional.

Commit! Dammit!

Commit to what you are doing right now! Commit to what you will be doing in one hour, tonight, tomorrow morning, twenty years from now. Commit to the people around you, your family, your dog, the driver in front, commit to the food you are eating. Commit!

Whatever it is still meaningful in your life…Commit!

Did it end? No, not yet…

You can only commit if you love…you have to love…and if you don’t know how to do it, you have to learn. Yes, you need to learn how to love.

Did it end? No, not yet…

Look at nature, of all the teachers, none are greater than trees.

Go sit under a tree. Preferably an old one, one that you can easily see the twists of each hard winter, turns, missing limbs and knot holes.

Did it end? No…you probably need to sit for a longer time until you find a generous measure of wisdom and peace.

When life is hard and you´re not sure what to do, reach. Reach for the light, reach for where you´re rooted.

Commit, survive and endure.

Commit and Grow, trough whatever hardship comes your way.

Stay rooted and strive*. Even if you never grasp your goals (what tree actually reaches the sun?) you will attain something greater –

Your True Self!

And how long should you go on doing this?  Only for as long as you live.

Often, you cannot change the beginning but you can change the end!

What are you planning to commit today ?

* I strongly recommend a little book from Douglas Wood -The Things Trees Know