In life you always have two options every-time you face failure, you can ignore the true reason why you failed (and blame it on someone else) or, you can try to understand what went wrong and use the learnings to design a better future.

What you cannot do, is to think that money, luck or other resource will allow you to bypass what life, and only life, can give you, Experience.


We have all learned that experience is directly related with the practical contact with and observation of facts or events.

Meaning that a person or organisation did something and out of it learned something, the gathering of experience cannot be delegated, because 2nd hand experience does not exist.

This week I had the chance to consult for an interesting business, like many, struggling to innovate to avoid imminent collapse.

After analysing few possible options it become clear that the current business model was not working anymore, but surprisingly or not, the first and almost immediate response was to blame it on someone outside of the room; the competitors, the economic turmoil, the global warming and so on.


When I was asked to intervene, I tried to explained that my help would involved each member of the board ability to try the unknown, dare to fail, go back to the field, talk with real consumers on the streets, Facebook and others alike.

I reinforce the need to learn again, to gain a fresh perspective on the market and consumers, using the current knowledge to reinvent the future and produce new experience.

The reaction made me feel stepping out of my spaceship out of another intergalactic voyage, and the reason was clear.

“We already know what we want to know, we have been doing it for many years already and know what we can expect”, I heard without much surprise.


Experience cannot be bought, you need to live it. But attention, don’t let your old “experience” block your capacity to acquire new one.

Later on the week I took a break at lunch time and went running. Looking at the cherry trees on the side of the road I noticed that they  seemed to be already beyond yellow stage and one particular cherry was already fully red.

What does it mean you might ask ?

My experience tells me that my mothers birthday is around the corner, year after year I have learned that the first cherries come to hour house on the third week of May.

Despite that and thinking about my week, I did not hesitate, I jumped the fence and rush to touch the tree. After careful examination I confirmed my initial thoughts, it was still green, we need to wait one more week 🙂


Don’t be afraid to jump  over the fence, because money can’t buy you…experience.

I wish you a great week.