I am afraid the Blackfeet Indians did some very powerful dance last night, because in the morning when I looked at the sky and check the temperature I had to reach for my jumper and long pants.

On my first stop, some more disturbing news, there was still so much snow up on the East side of the Glacier park that the Going to the sun Road was still closed for traffic and like Mount Rushmore few days ago one of my long wished objectives was about to turn into something different.

When life does not turn right…I guess we need to turn left 🙂

Along the way I have found few times the living prove of well known millennial wisdom, which means; at 7h00 am the smallest town on the road has the tastier pancakes. At the trade outpost of East Glacier my theory kept delivering 🙂

With my stomach and soul wrapped in maple syrup I was able to conquer the remaining miles until West Glacier.

Despite the fact that I am a pretty easy going person I tend to enjoy the planning process and normally I take a while to “reroute” when things don’t go the way I want it, I can even be a little louder about it in the heat of the moment but shortly after when life goes on, the same goes for my bad humor.

What I find interesting is that every time I am “on the road” the amount of flexibility I can bring into a complicated situation is so big that it even surprises myself.

Today my Chautauqua while going around Glacier park was exactly about our capacity to steer our boat when the wind changes and still keep it on route to final destination.

Among some of the most interesting thoughts of the day :

– when you travel the route is more important than the final destination, because either going straight or in loops, without taking the route until the end you will never get to the destination…simple humm? Just like in life…its the journey, stupid 🙂

– Some of the “detours” in my life turn out to be (by far) the most scenic moments of my existence, and I am so grateful for that.

– I love to buy city guides…after my trips 🙂 yes after. I rather get lost over and over and keep on repeating the “wow” felling as if I was the first man on earth to see something…this point does not apply to gas stations 🙂

– Travelling is mainly an exercise of leaving your old “shoes” behind and take on new ones that will allow you to go further and feel differently the ground you walk…and sometimes in between traveling it is also good to go barefoot.

– Travelling is the best vaccine to cure world stupidity, it should be mandatory in any age, at least once a year 🙂

Without seeing any Bear, my day ended in Kalispell having lunch (maybe it was dinner) with a good old friend from high-school that I haven’t seen for almost 25 years and guess what…it was just like we had talked the previous week.

Good friends are like good wine…time passes and they just get better….I cannot wait to arrive in the bitterroot valley.

Whitefish was the perfect location before heading to the mountains at Glacier and enjoy probably one of the most beautiful views in this little planet.

Looking at the mountains full of snow one last thought…maybe I should have brought my hiking boots 🙂