25 years ago, when I landed in Montana after a never ending flight with way to many stops, bumps and thunderstorms I had no clue I would be writing about that same episode so many years later seated exactly where this once in a lifetime experience started.

When my host family picked me up at the airport they ask me if I was hungry and wanted to eat something. After four flights, four lunches or four whatever food they gave us up there, I tried to communicate in my “portenglish” that I was full and just happy to be touching the ground with my feet again. After they heard my explanation they took me to a restaurant 🙂

This little story is probably the best way to describe how prepared I was to live my life in a different country at the age of 17.


Years pass by and today I am back to Montana to attend the wedding of my “little sister”, which at that time just entered kindergarten, and today is a beautiful young women and prominent scientist.

One of the best ways to talk about this incredible journey and try to make sense of what really means all of this, is to talk about trees.

I once heard the story about a young man that was about to plant a tree, a Pecan I believe, near his new house. Taking advantage of an old neighbor passing by he asked him if it would be a problem in the future that the tree could grow so tall that would overshadow the house not allowing the morning sun to shine through.

The old neighbor stopped walking and made silence for almost a minute, after he burst in laughs and tears asking the young man if he was worried that the shade would bother him or is grandchildren, he continue laughing and went on his way.

To understand fully the story I need to add that a Pecan tree to reach a full mature stature can take approximately 75 years.

Some things in life need time to develop, and even if they are not visible it doesn’t mean they are not there, it applies to trees*, geysers but also human relations. If you take the time to plant, nurture and keep what is there, you might be amazed by the final results.

While my “little sister” walked down the aisle side by side with her parents I could clearly see and feel how Love goes full circle in our life as long as you take the time to plant, nurture and keep what is there.


Coming back to Hamilton was a powerful trip back to unforgettable “seeds” planted way back in time. Names, faces, locations and most of all feelings, kept on jumping from every corner into my eyes, I wished I could stop time just to be able to savor the explosion of flavors in my heart.


25 years ago I took on a spring job that I could barely see the outcome besides the extra dollars I desperately needed as any high school student.

Our neighbor asked to plant three rows of trees along the south fence of his property which I did during some weeks, a quarter of a century later I was very proud to see the little forest growing in front of me, but above all I was very happy tobe able to understand better the meaning of it.

I think that’s the reason why we planted at home a little section where every tree has a name on it and friends continue to bring new ones when they come to visit, it might take time to grow, but the trees are deeply rooted on the ground and no strong wind can take them away.

One day our grand children will rest under that shade and that…that puts a big smile in my face.