365 Billion* to change the world

This year you will have a decent budget to make unbelievable things in your life.

Thou, there are few conditions to use all this money.

You can only touch one billion per day, not more not less.

You cannot save it and accumulate for later.

If you dont spend it you will just lose it, forever.

You can use it on your own or give it away to others and let me them decide what to do with it.

During one single day you can make as many possible transactions, no exchange rate is applicable, you will never lose value, even if you dont receive anything in return.

If you dont believe, you can decide to trow away all of it, one billion per day 🙂

Still, it will be available one new billion everyday.

Who cares what the others think about what you do with your own fortune?

Keep spending, tomorrow you will have more.

But please…keep spending, remember you are a billionaire.

Do you what love, celebrate it with whom deserves the honor of your friendship and make sure there is nothing left in your pocket everyday by midnight.

Forgive and forget, tomorrow you will spend better the new billion you will receive.

Get ready and check your bank account in few hours.

Have a not less than wonderful 2015 !

* Each day of your life equals to one billion new opportunities to make a difference in your year.