The good thing about looking at the temperature in Fahrenheit and not in Celsius is not being able to understand immediately how much deep in trouble you are, giving few minutes to get there by yourself.

The weather was extremely hot in Utah but once I crossed the border into Nevada and stepped into the desert I am afraid I beat my own heat record, according to the thermometer in my car 123 degrees Fahrenheit or if you are in the other side of the pound, 51celsius.

Fortunately inside the parking was much cooler.


A near breathing collapse experience every time I needed to stop the car and walk outside, my inner nose burned, my contacts lens dried and not even a hat were able to protect my skull, and on top, some local guy on a gas station told me that it can get warmer in the summer.

With much pleasure I arrived at my destination, the place where supposedly…what happens there, stays there 🙂 after few days on my own the “Iberian” peninsula was reuniting again in Las Vegas.


Did you ever imagine living without clocks, bed time, routines, rush hours and where playing is the only work allowed ? Well, that’s exactly what Las Vegas is about, a gigantic Disneyland for grown ups.

During one night, four Spaniards and one Portuguese tried to unveil the secrets of a contemporary Sodoma and Gomorra, a world apart from our world.

One of the things that capture my attention was the total absence of different rhythms. It can seem strange, odd, and indeed it is.


Walking on the strip at 8h00 pm I felt exactly the same energy at 02h00 am and the same energy next morning at 11h00 am. The same amount of people coming and leaving, same people gambling and eating and the same homeless on the streets. Vegas is the city of timeless days.

It is easy to get caught in the middle of a mise-en-scène carefully prepared into the slightest details to make you drown into an explosion of feelings…or should I say instincts.


Curiously I was determined to make an anthropologist approach, so I took a step on the side and tried to capture everything from a very peaceful position…it was AMAZING what I discover, but here the principal also applies…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 🙂


Except three amazing snapshots;

– The airbnb owner I stayed with, turn out to be an amazing Portuguese, what a great lesson of bravery and faith I received from Zen.
– Facebook made me understand that a good old friend from Brussels was having a honey moon in Vegas, so just before leaving the city we still had time to say hello to each other.
– The final picture with the all the Iberian ambassadors in front of the night wedding chapel proves that we humans can live in peace as far as we understand that Love is all we need ( the Fab Four knew it all)

image image

More and more I am getting convinced that the world is round, if we continue to sail in the same direction we will end up seeing most of our friends and reach our home sooner or later.

Lets continue…