On my third week of travelling I knew I was about to face light and darkness in all its magnificence. Challenging to say the least.

This was a transition day, long hours of driving and a complete change of scenery. Unfortunately due to different trip objectives the “Iberian party” had to split into different routes with the promise to reunite later down the road.

Travelling trough Utah I could not avoid to visit Salt Lake City, a town with an airport that I use to know as good as my room*, but which I never had the opportunity to visit.


The moment I left Wyoming behind, I also said goodbye to the green mountains and the green fields, the temperature started to rise and the amount of cars as well, I was surely approaching a big city.

Salt Lake City is the home to the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint and the city center shows it properly with an impressive temple square.


Despite the “noise” most religions set up to promote the message they carry (in U.S. It can be pretty loud) there are always positive things to observe, it is always a matter of perspective.

One of the greatest things about God is that you can find Him everywhere, as long you are willing and open to do so 🙂

The more I travel and gain perspective on our different realities and cultures, the more I am convinced that no one needs intermediation, translation or special access to live in peace, harmony and connected with Love.



The road to any destination starts inside each one of us because everything and everyone is connected. Next time you feel tired, stressed out or disappointed with something, try to reconnect with yourself and (re) start from there.

By the end of the day I was at the door of some of the most incredible places on earth, the Utah National Parks, except the fact that I didn’t know that (yet).

I had planned to visit Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, which turned out to be an experience that I will carry with me forever.

While hiking the Canyons I was blessed with incredible views, sounds and I believe also some kind of “Life changing pocket philosophy” which I humbly share.

Fact 1 – When you are arrive at a visitor center, you are offered a map with all information, you might even ask for help if you have questions, nevertheless one thing is guaranteed, in one day you will not be able to hike all the available trails in the park, meaning that you need to choose.
Tip – Replace your arrival at the park with the moment you are born.


Fact 2 – Without any regret, choose a trail and start walking, if it is too easy or too hard, change the route, it is never too late to change the initial plan, you might not be able to walk the full distance but whatever you do, take pictures :), talk to strangers and stop to appreciate the beauty of the way.
Tip – Replace the word trail with your professional life.


Fact 3 – Walk with confidence to make sure your feet are connected to the ground but make sure you don’t go too fast, the best views require attention and time to see what is there.
Tip – replace the word walk with everyday of your life.


Fact 4 – If you see a river or a stream, stop and learn. The water knows when to go faster and when to go slower. When the water finds a heavy obstacle on the way it does not stay longer trying to move it and immediately finds a way to move around moving forward. If the obstacle stays, the water can take years or centuries but over time will turn it into sand. If it is not stopped artificially, rivers tend to flow into the ocean and complete the water cycle.
Tip – replace the word stones with problems and Ocean with the purpose of our life.


Next time you have a chance…take a walk or hike on a trail, I am sure you can find hundreds of other free messages placed out there from the Thing called Loved.

Next stop, Nevada 🙂
* One night, many years ago I lost my last connection flight in Salt Lake City, due to some political convention there were no hotels available in town, meaning I had to sleep in the airport, ending up visiting every single corridor, store and cafe about one hundred times.