Leaving is never easy, especially when you love where you are, but since we are able to take in our heart the people, the sounds and the views, we also learn how to say goodbye, and hopefully return soon.

During the wedding days our party kept on growing, my friend Eduardo (also an exchange student staying with the same family) arrived by surprise from Spain (not for me, since we were planning this visit for weeks) and turned the gathering even more special. It was really nice to look at our last picture together, those are the moments you understand that something in life went full circle.


I once heard a story in Kazakhstan that when nomadic people were about to say goodbye and go on a journey, leaving behind someone they truly love, the one leaving shouldn’t stare too much looking back and the ones staying should not look to long in the horizon, if both wanted to see each other soon and in good health…so, I just left 🙂

The following three days were more of a one of a kind touristic trip with breathtaking experiences and not easy to capture (with a camera) views, we just missed the “bracelet” for the all inclusive to be completed.

We cross the Big Hole and stop to see and learn about one of the most dramatic events between native Americans and the U.S. Cavalry ( learn more here), after all is not by chance that Montana is also called the Big Sky Country (you can place as many meanings has you want in this sentence)

In Bannock we could witness how a promising mining town turned into a ghost town and luckily into a museum town. We could all swear that we saw a ghost playing the piano near the old school…a vision that Tarantino could probably turn into a great movie 🙂


The brothel days in Montana mining towns are over…but not in Virginia City, at least that’s what they told us, or maybe it was some local guy trying to fool the Iberians.


Finally we reached one of the Crown Jewels of our planet, Yellowstone Park, or according to my feeling, The door to the middle earth, even knowing I did not manage to see Bilbo Baggins, if I could I would have stayed longer…much longer. I am glad I took as many pictures my iPad could handle, they are self explanatory.

image image

The next day, the Grand Tetons were the cherry on top of the cake, first the mountains and after lunch a beautiful rafting trip that ended with buffalo wings and a barn dance downtown Jackson Hole.


After this “overdose” of beauty and unspoiled natural settings I still wonder how we humans still have doubts about caring, protecting and be one with nature…I am afraid we did not understood that this relation is also full circle and all inclusive.

Tomorrow is a transition day, many km down south and a quick stop to see and hear what “God” has to tell.