Today I beat the birds and everybody else going up to Logan pass on Glacier National Park 🙂 when I stopped near the visitors center I believe there were not more than 4 cars, the air was pretty fresh but the incredibly deep blue sky predicted an epic day.

The ascent of the going to the sun road was everything I wished and probably more, for every mile I went up I received back a day of full happiness in my life, when I arrived at the whipping wall I was able to stop for a while and wash away some of the pain we all carry in our life’s …it felt so good to see some friendly faces passing by on my mind, they were all smiling back at me, they seemed in peace, I smiled back.

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The amount of beauty in the park is so omnipresent that wherever you turn you get slap in the face by a valley, a mountain, river stream or a glacier.

My first hike of the day was short in distance but long in duration, which is what happens when you don’t bring your hiking boots into the mountains.


Going up alone was terrifically beautiful and despite the cold feet, every step of the way was a reason to open my soul and say thanks to the “Great Spirit”, probably the best name to be used in this holy place.

The view from up above of hidden lake was superb and the only thing that disturbed the silence was a group of about 5 mountain goats, yes…mountain goats that showed up to say hello.




When I reached the visitors center I realized it was about time to go down the valley since there was still a lot of driving to be done until Missoula, the most liberal city in…..well, in a big portion of this part of the world.

Driving (or walking) on secondary roads is definitely one of my specialities, they are the best places to see a different perspective, an odd angle or just to avoid too much traffic.

Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Polson, St. Ignatius and already quite tired I saw the M, now I knew I was getting close to a place where I have been very happy.


(The “M” on the west face of Mount Sentinel has been a Missoula landmark since 1908, when students carried up stones to shape the symbol of the University of Montana).