The shooting stars from last night remind me of home, which we know is where the heart is, and every time I travel my “home” just keeps growing and growing.

Another way of looking at this is taking the gastronomic approach. People are like frost on top of a cake (here you should read, location), frost makes the cake tastes so much better.

Departing from Spearfish I crossed the black hills and suddenly enter the state of Wyoming.


I was positively shocked, it seemed to me as if I just stepped into a different planet, a land of unprecedented beauty and magic. Remember that to find yourself all you need to do is to get out of the highway and get lost.

Saturday morning (easier when you are a early bird) I was probably the second visitor to enter Devils Tower, which Lakota Indians also refer as Matȟó Thípila (“Bear Lodge”).

This strange formation is an igneous intrusion of laccolith and It rises dramatically 386 m above the surrounding terrain and the summit is 1,559 m above sea level. After the 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind used the location for the plot and nothing remained the same.

After walking on a trail for almost two hours in silence, I was touching the skies with my thoughts, repeating over and over to myself that whatever some people insist to say or do, this world we live in is so beautiful.

When I reached the Big Horn Mountains near the village of Buffalo I decided to change my route and leave the highway again, I heard something about a “special” place up on the top of a mountain named – Medicine Circle – and had no second thoughts.

The ascent was so abrupt that in few kilometers the thermometer drop almost 20*c and when my feet got out of the car I was on top of snow, the contrast was just what I needed to wake up all my senses and walk to such a holy site. Unfortunately no picture can portrait the energy as it was…but I leave here the report.


After a couple of hours I was back into the world of man visiting a place I had curiosity to know better for a long time, the little bighorn battlefield where the 7th cavalry under General Custer was annihilated by young Crazy Horse and many other tribes trying to defend their way of living, refusing to surrender and live inside a reservation.

Like most of wars around the world, no one is really sure about who won, but everyone knows that both sides cut short the life and dreams of many of their best people. Silence (again but for different reasons) was the best way to honor the fallen.

image image image

To finish up the day before driving up north to Billings already in the big sky country (my beloved state of Montana) I remind myself that miles are not the same as kilometers 🙂 being a solo driver as its perks 🙂 I stopped in every single rest area…to rest 🙂

One last thought went to bed with me that same night. We are so powerful such as the power of our thoughts.

Tomorrow up to Great Falls, approaching from the East the big continental divide, after so many years I am back at Glacier National Park, the crown of a entire nation.