Yesterday I heard a moving story while visiting the Akta Lakota indian museum in Chamberlain, just before crossing the Mississippi River on my way to Pierre.

The beautiful life of No Moccasins & Three Horns, which you can read fully here was as shocking and provoking as the turbulent days we are living in our planet…but exactly for the opposite reasons.

If you can spare some minutes of your precious time I strongly advise you to read the full version and offer yourself this present, in a nutshell, true love and humbleness can “open” you the most beautiful days of your life.

While entering the big Dakotas your mind can almost sleep into the 19th century and see the buffalo herds rooming around the endless plains, the colorful tipis and a peaceful nation that had a lifestyle in full harmony with animals, nature and soul.

What have we (truly) learned as mankind in the last 200 years ?

The more I travel around the world and learn about different cultures the more convinced I am that we truly need to change the way we are living, only baseball caps work with the approach that one size fits all…everything else is unique and should be treated as such.

My Chautauqua was somehow similar to the weather, it started beautiful but ended with rain and lightning, maybe because the number of unanswered questions are starting to pile up on my mind.

Too many doors for the amount of keys I have within my mind.

My comfort today was to think that I actually have a No Moccasins in my life and I should be grateful and pray for her everyday and after every battle.

Today I continue to go west moving closer to the badlands and some of the most sacred places around here, I ask the Great Spirit to make me more humble so I can understand the mystery of our life’s.