You know that you arrived in uncles Sam backyard when people drive 65 mph in the highway, a steak for one can feed any full family in another part of the globe and you fill in the tank of your car for 25 Euros.

It is extremely interesting to compare what I see here now in 2015 and recover my first impressions back in 1990 when I came to finish High school and visit the U.S. for the first time.

After living in many different countries and listening to (very) different people expressing their opinion about the United States in general gave me (I like to believe in that) an unbiased view on the topic which In the coming days I plan to share with you while progressing on my East-West road trip.

Let me give you a little help and create the mood for our Chautauqua, put this playing and continue reading –

What is time ?

While trying to depart from Chicago, and invariably trapped in traffic, time was something that seemed to make sense to think about.

What is time ? Is it really a measure? Or instead it is an experience that varies according to the intensity of the moment with a high probability of lasting forever.

Do we live one minute at a time, or we can manage to live several minutes in parallel where some pass by automatically while others continue suspended in eternity.

What is time ?

My first visit was an old colleague from ad world, we worked together in Eastern Europe and Central Asia ten years ago, but it was like magic the moment I enter his house.

Maybe because they just had recently a little baby and this little creators are still connected with the infinity of our existence, the atmosphere was celestial.

Life can give you plenty of up and downs but few things just stay the same, unaltered, consistent and dynamically beautiful, and I grateful for that every single moment of my life.

I walked in as a foreigner and turned into a friend…immediatly. My reflection revised carefully how family, friends and love are defined not by minutes or years but by something else…so…

What is time?

I promise my youngest boy to sent him everyday a postcard from a different visited location which is not easy in a world that slowly is stoping to handwrite, there are no postcards anymore.

While finishing the first (and only one in twin) postcard, an idea delighted my mind, when a person writes a postcard and when the other receives it, many days or even weeks can be in between…but the meaning stays the same, unaltered, consistent and dynamically beautiful.

With the jet lag (at 3:30 am) I was already awake and ready to go 🙂 meaning that my first drive towards Milwaukee was harder than desired, I needed to stop more often and keep myself focused on the road, but also here somethings do not change…I missed you root beer.

I even got the time to pass by new Lisbon…I swear I was not aware of such ambitious projects from the government back home 🙂

What is time? Do you really believe in time?

Let’s continue to go West, today until Sioux Falls.