My mother always told me that I have choose the wrong profession in life, especially few years ago when every 2 days I was up in the air. I guess she was absolutely right in one point, as a pilot I could have manage to fly less.

Usually my answer was always the some one. if I was a pilot instead of having a pay check every month I should actually be the one paying for flying (don’t tell anyone…but it is a little bit like teaching) taking in consideration the kick I get out of doing it.

So here I am again up and above the clouds, seeing things the way only altitude, distance and perspective can show us in life.

Last year was very challenging to keep up my blog updated due to the intensity of the experience in Africa, this year instead, after spending so much time writing to fine tune and promote my book left me empty headed to write anything else besides work related “literature” 🙂 rooted to ground.

As a consequence (think of your soul as big bird) you start forgetting your ability to fly, without much notice, you are in trouble with yourself.

After receiving a warning from my wife, she knows me very we’ll, she “suggested” me to pick up my backpack and find a good excuse to go up in the air and “create” the time to write my thoughts and only after, comeback home 🙂

So here I am, a “pilgrim” on the road (again) to myself.

Just before leaving, I was awarded with a present from a good friend, a small safe with the shape of a book, inside an old little round watch and a small note.

” There is a map, but the map is not the territory,
we are all (the) key. Time is (one) present ”

I guess I could not wish a better start for this trip, I love riddles and this one was not an easy one to solve. Escorted by Jack Kerouac success and a mindfulness (for dummies) book all I needed was a book note full of blank pages, which I also manage to find at the airport with a little Portuguese yellow tram (electrico) on it.

Curiously today I attach to my photographic memory one impressive view from the Cíes islands on my way to London while thinking about my Rosalía de Castro book. Next revision I should add this one image, proving that perfection does is a work in progress 🙂

Eleven hours later I was landing in the Windy City to join a long time friend on my first “albergue”. Friendship anywhere in the world turns you immediately from a foreigner into a guest and the distances become smaller.

Well….3h45 AM….trying to adjust myself to the new time zone…perfection does is a work in progress 🙂

Tomorrow lets start our journey to the west.