A b-side was originally known as the song on the flipside of a 12″ or 7″ vinyl single that backed the A-side, but wasn’t the song promoted or received the radio play.

B-sides have often gotten a reputation of being filler and sub-par, even though a good majority of the time b-sides are better than a lot of the album tracks, and in some cases, better than the A-side.

Let me share with you the B-side of my project Rosalía de Castro. 

Few months ago I took the decision to publish my first novel, a story written between travels, airport lounges and many cigars over a period of 4 years. I was distant to know that the easiest part was to write the book. 

What was supposed to be an exclusive literary and cultural sublime experience turn out to be a once of a lifetime dive into human nature, technology gap and video editing tutorials.

Let me explain better.

When I first consider to move forward with the book, I did a little research on the publishing industry, read few books, talked with some people and tried to map out the threats and opportunities has if I was handling any other project I usually do in life.

My first conclusions were devastating and cruel. The book industry is pretty much an ugly business.

Yes you read right, book publishing gives a tremendous work to authors (something only a writer will understand) which in return receive very little recognition and very little money from publishers which in return receive very little from distribution networks and book stores which in return sell very little to readers.

The successful projects we heard about account for a tiny part of what is being produced everyday around the world, the vast majority does not see the light of the day, does not reach modern distribution and does not sell at all, despite the quality and merits of the story itself.

Above all, there are not enough readers in the world for the number of books published, there is not enough audiences and I am pretty sure that the vast majority of books (novels or technical) fail to achieve the true potential.

If I wanted to succeed, enjoy the overall process and hopefully don’t end up paying to publish my book I was going to need a different approach from the bloody red ocean in front of me and learn fast about the “B” side of book publishing. 

Since the novel was finished in late October, I took in my mind the idea of creating a publishing laboratory and create a system to test, fail fast and learn as fast as I could, just like creating any startup.

This time I needed to put myself inside the product, swimming in uncharted waters and hopefully keep my cool.

After a round of talks with potential publishers, I understood that when you sign a contract selling the rights of your book you also sell yourself to the devil. The first step was to choose an alternative and keep my soul.

In the following posts I will share with you some of the most interesting lessons I learn from the experience and how useful they can be in the coming time.

My first decision and action was related with the first problem I identified, there are not enough readers for the number of books being published, so I needed to create an audience, which I did, do you want to know how?

to be continued…