Few weeks ago, an early morning in a cold winter day, I went to wake up our youngest son and get him ready for school.

He was sleeping beautifully with his eyes closed. I could have stayed there for hours just looking at that living painting.

As usual I started with small words trying to bring him back to this world.

Little Misha without saying a word which is not usually at all, he is quite grumpy in the morning, started smiling back to me.

For few seconds I wonder the reasons for such a different awakening. My curiosity grown with the seconds passing, no word were coming out.

With an incredible voice, with his eyes still closed, Misha finally said:

– Give me few more minutes, I need to finish my dream. It is amazing what is happening.

And continued to smile back to me.

I was struck by lightning and had to stop.

Slowly I end up crawling beside him and tuck myself into his bed.

With my eyes also closed I tried to picture when it was the last time I delayed the starting of a day to finish a dream.

I tried hard, but I could not remember.

Instead, the latest images from war, conflicts, terrorism, social breakdown and despair people, populated my mind.

It was not easy to get into dreaming mode.

By the way, make the exercise, and try to finish a dream yourself.

Take your time, I am afraid you are going to need it.

I tried harder to finish some kind of dream, but still could not do it.

Were are we heading as mankind? I thought. Total alienation ? Clash of civilizations or just an apocalyptic acceptance of a natural order?

While I thought about it, the clock continued its triumphal march and decided to beep again. 

We are so caught in the cold reality of facts, numbers and mandatory behaviors that we are “obliged” to run and finish what needs to be done.

It was time to go.

It seems that we are loosing the  incredible capacity we all had once to dream and to finish our dreams.

Dreaming, its actually the trampoline to do the right thing at the right time.

When I think about some of the craziest dreams I had in life, more important than the content, was their nature, they help to show up for life.

Dreams are intangible drops of eternity, able to change our real life, the more you dream the more life you have to accomplish greater things, did we forgot about that?

If you stop dreaming and stop finishing your own dreams you will slowly stop living, thou you can continue to breath for many years.

When I walk on any street, I just love to look at other people face, and let me tell, the last time I did it, what I saw was not good.

I believe the vast majority of humans are good people, genuinely good. But I also believe that even more people are desperately looking for a light of hope in their life, something true, meaningful and necessarily free of charge.

I am afraid you dont need to label it, you just need to find it.

I refuse to accept that after all (few centuries in this planet) we are just animals with sophisticated feelings, which looking at the news around us its somehow hard to challenge today.

What can we do with so much pain and suffering?

Can we burn it as fuel?

I am sure we can at least try, we dont have to carry such useless cargo.

Tonight I will dream and I will finish my dream, and it is going to be an amazing one, I will use all the fuel from last days until I have none left.

On the other side of the glass, I see plenty of reasons to believe, and you may say I am dreamer… but I am not the only one.

Don´t be shy…If you belong to the same”gang”, write here that you are dreamer and I will gladly reply that you are not the only one.

Dream on