A leap of faith, in its most commonly used meaning, is the act of believing in or accepting something intangible or unprovable, usually without empirical evidence. Without paying much attention we are asked to make such move almost every day of our life.

Every time we interact with someone else we can never be sure about how far we will impact that person.

Did you ever though about that?

He does not matter if you are talking to your best friend, your brother or a total stranger, you will never be totally sure about the consequences of what you are doing or saying. Think about it for a minute.

Since I was a young, I always loved to learn and tell stories. Those unforgettable nights listening to the older chief in the scouts around a camp fire still live in my heart, the words continue to resonate in my mind and some people, even after they departure, continue to live forever.

Why was that?

Mainly not because of the story itself, but because of the way they were able to share.

When you share something with love, you share yourself! What you do becomes secondary. This powerful thought stayed with me since those early days.

About two years ago, looking at few dozen little black diaries, I decided that it was time to start sharing some of the stories. With a “push” on my back from someone truly special, I started slowly feeding this same blog and today I am proud to reach close to three thousand people from 76 different countries (thanks to writing in english).

Unfortunately I am not very disciplined publishing new stories, but I do plan to improve in the future 🙂

In parallel to my personal blog I start working with my old portuguese teacher from high school on a more demanding journey, a story that dreamed to become a book.

Writing its extremely hygienic for any mind, and secondly, because trough the words and the voice of another person, you can talk freely  and make sense of things in ways you never did before (if something goes wrong you can always blame it on the book character).

Year after year I have been “fighting” myself and my own limitations. Sometimes I hate every single sentence, not being able to look at my writings for months, sometimes I am surprised with my own words.

With a handful of good souls that help me to reach the other side of the black tunnel of bringing together a story into a book format. I finally reached the moment when my feet approached the edge of the cliff not knowing exactly how deep will be the jump.

If i ask myself the reason for doing it at this stage of my life, honestly, I don’t have a good answer, but there is one thing I am sure, I want to take the best out of it, and hopefully I will not be the only one.

During the next couple of months I believe the dream will become more real.

A couple of weeks ago I launched a website (www.bookrosaliadecastro.wordpress.com) in portuguese language and also a facebook page (www.facebook.com/bookrosaliadecastro). Few days from now I will have a spanish version and in few weeks everything will be available also in english. The final objective is to publish the book trough a crowdfunding campaign.

Everyday I publish a chapter from the first part of book and give the reader the opportunity to get to know the story, the main characters and who knows, raise enough interest to buy a book when the campaign will be launched.

This is when your leap of faith comes into play.

I have no idea how many people will enjoy the story, but I am sure of one thing…I am sharing this book with love, and that for someone will be important. I will never know the true impact but that is good enough for me.

What will be your next leap of faith?

Sometimes life can be quite simple, don’t you agree?