Few days ago my friend João Ruas caught me on the Ice bucket challenge, and besides the fact I was publicly invited to take action, I must confess that I was not able to react until today´s morning.

Many questions have been crossing my mind since a couple of weeks ago Mark Zuckerberg did the same challenge to Bill Gates, honestly I did not tought that in few weeks time the provoking vídeo would have reach the all planet.

The numbers are outstading, and above all, there was no “organization” or “leader” behind the whole scene, from my view, we had the best of technology and human willingness working together.




During the month of August, despite the low temperatures for the summer, we have seen a world of conflicts heating up and forcing us to question our personal beliefs in human race.

From Ukraine to Syria/Iraq, from Gaza to Lybia, just to name a few, instead of a bucket I would have needed a truck full of ice to cool off my brain.

What is the relation between?


The level of accessibility to immediate global information as never been higher and the ammount of people looking at the same problems and challenges reaches most of the world population right trought your mobile phones within hours or minutes.

What does it really mean? Are we aware of the power that has been handed over to each individual to make a difference ?

Few days ago I run across the powerful words of Mother Teresa, which put a smile in my heart.



In a world crying out loud for a higher conscience, maybe we are finally getting somewhere to address the wider questions that will define if and how we will leave a better world behind.

You can always argue that we should have given a better use to the water in the bucket, but I guess we better see how far we can achieve with our actions, I am pretty sure if we want to make a stand as a global planetaria nation , we will also solve the water problem. Actually, we can solve almost any problem.

I am glad I was invited to act, it puts you in a good position to do something, learn about the problem, talk about with other people and finally contribute to the solution.




I am hopefull about the time we are living, mainly because I know more and more people that think the same, people that are willing to help others in many different ways, people that are willing to see impacto f their dids, even if it means a pretty cold Ice bucket Down your head.



Dont hesitate to be brilliant in the smallest things you do.

ice ice baby