More or less ten years ago, when I started the French route of the way of Santiago in St. Jean Pied du port, I lived such a strong experience that sometimes it comes back to me as fresh as if it happened yesterday.

On the very first day of my journey we had to cross the Pyrenees and arrive in Roncesvalles for our first stop. Shortly after our arrival I sat at the entrance of the old monastery waiting to register as a pilgrim and I remember perfectly how exhausted I was, to the point that it become monstrous just the simple idea of continuing walking the next day, and the next, and the next, not to mention that I still had 800 kilometres in front.


Later on that same day, I had a long talk with a very good friend that was doing the way with me, the words he shared, lived long enough not only until we reached Santiago de Compostela but also until today… a warm African Easter night.

We can prepare ourselves as much as possible for adversities and challenges of life, but we only know exactly what we have to do when our feet meet the road and we have to walk our way.

My very good friend, looking at me that evening gave me an advised that saved not only the rest of the journey but probably the rest of my life.


The pressure we suffer from as many sides as our existence has contact, make us feel that nothing is ever enough, in business, profit is never enough, in sports winning once is never enough, working more hours is never enough, talking smart is never enough, and so on, I guess we all know the drill.

Pressure, can easily be misunderstood with responsibility, but at the same time can also be a great help to wake up every morning and move all our bones in the same direction, but that’s about it.

The most important rule is to truly know yourself and stay in harmony with your inner voice, mind and soul.

The way of Santiago (or any other way) does not exist, it is (re) created at every new step taken forward. It is up to you were you want to take yourself every day, how far and how fast.


We truly have the power to redesign our life every step of the way, one step at the time, the so-called power of now, one minute excellence or if you prefer because today we celebrate the victory of life over death, the infinite capacity God gave us to resurrect every time we are down, tired or sad as far we connect with true Love.

Easter is a special moment of the year to redirect our life journey and after doing more than four different routes of the Way of Santiago I can assure you that are many ways to reach the same goal, all we have to do is make sure we live fully the present, one day at the time, loving our existence unconditionally.



You probably wonder what was the advise?

Simple…a pilgrim does not walk what he wants but what he can, meaning that every time you “walk” what you can you always reach your final destination.


I wish you all a peaceful Easter and a good journey