Last night, while trying to fall asleep I end up opening the photo gallery in my computer. Without noticing, looking at different pictures, my mind start travelling hundreds of miles into different locations, hearing different sounds, seeing different people, in minutes I saw myself far away from my room.

A picture always has the power to trigger unique experiences, small parts of you and the ones that shared a specific moment.

Interesting phenomenon is the perspective build over time. A distance that works silently like an artisan, a perfectionist and his masterpiece.

What we see today is not exactly what we saw years before, in fact, I was shocked with the differences.

Let me share with you several types of pictures that passed trough my eyes during the night.

Some pictures became more beautiful over the years and every time I see them, I find new angles, new details and emotions, as if the elements on the picture continue to live in a parallel world. Tears of joy.


Other pictures, are still hard to stare at it, they hit pretty hard in the face and it hurts. I look at them like challenges that are there to remind me of my human nature, my limitations and my capacity to overcome them.

Another type, are the pictures that seem incomplete, the ones that you know, that something is missing, they request intense time travelling, but after a little effort, the emptiness makes sense and if you close your eyes, a secret picture arises before you, only for you.


I also saw pictures, that I finally made peace with, it was good to see that they don’t bother me anymore, they fulfilled their role and teach me a lesson (or two).

Finally, I looked at some pictures that define the time you live in, an invisible reality between ordinary and eternal, between courage and cowards, between love and hate, between happiness and sadness.


A dimension hard to put down in words, something that you can only understand if you have lived trough it, but nevertheless critical for the future of mankind.

Freedom has a cost, a cost that no one can afford unless willing to trade its own life.


A thin red line that define the substance of our hearts and make us understand that no country, flag, religion or affiliation can be stronger than love that unite us all since the day we are born.

That is the new world we need to rediscover and explore.

Eternal peace to all heroes that bravely crossed that thin red line and enlarge the boundaries of the true love nation.

Thank you!