Somewhere during the last couple of weeks I had the chance to see some impressive TED talks, and among them, one particular speech continues to resonate in my spirit to the point of “producing” some outstanding dreams.

Maybe some of you already heard me sharing one of my working methodologies; I usually work at home or in the office on sequences of 30 to 45 minutes without interruptions, I focus fully on whatever I need to do and only stop when the chronometer rings.


After the buzz, I usually count either 5 or 10 minutes also using the chronometer, this minutes I usually use to stand up and stretch my body or do some activity that necessarily is not connected with the previous one, the more awkward the better.


Over the years, I noticed that these small interruptions help me to unlock some creative processes, but also, keep my mind and energy flowing high during much more hours and limiting my mind to reach a point of total saturation.

After watching the previously mention TED talk, I decided to introduce a little trick in my daily routine, instead of going from a focused activity to a not so focused one, I start using a couple of this periods to force myself to day dream…yes…force myself to dream for 5 or 10 minutes.

The results have been outstanding, my focused activity benefits tremendously from the recharge (free) of good and positive thoughts and my day dreams are just getting better and better opening new territories to my mind.

Why is that?

I believe that when you “dare” to dream, a person gains the courage to live closer to himself. Without having to please someone except yourself, there is immediately less bullshit to worry about and as a result you can touch who you truly are more easily.

Try to offer yourself a couple of moments like this and check the impact in the remaining hours of your day.

Did you notice that there are pretty much no limits in your dreams?

Did you notice that you can always pay for good dreams?

Did you notice that when you are able to dream you become closer to achieve it?

Many years ago, I dreamed about eating my own fruit, hand picked directly from my backyard. The more I dreamed about it, the closer I got from it and today with the help of my youngest son I was able to fulfill such dream.


The size of the dream I guess it is irrelevant, the content as well.

But the taste of a great dream can last a lifetime.

The more you practice this introspection exercise the easier becomes to answer the question.

–       Who am I being with my life?

Why not to try and dream about;

–       a new business you would like to create

–       a hobby waiting to be experimented

–       helping your local community

–       a new professional challenge

–       a new school degree

–       seeing a long time friend

–       your next birthday party

Want a little help on your dreams?

Take a look at


I wish you a great week and great dreams!