As far as I remember until I was 13/14 years old the thrill of having a birthday coming was a mix of emotions between the party, the presents and of course getting older and closer to do things one could only dream of.


Somewhere along the road, the presents became less important, the age once you can legally drive, drink and get married also go backstage and somehow the further away you are from home and your parents is synonymous of independence and adulthood.


Later I almost tended to forget totally the birthday, the party, did not even like when someone continue to insist to give me presents and the search for silence seemed to be the biggest birthday wish of all.


In between, life is what happens while you making other plans and from the mid thirties to the forties was similar to a sprint relay.


Suddenly last year, I decided to trow every year a birthday party, celebrate life, celebrate old friends, new friends, close friends, distant friends, and if my friends want to bring other friends they are also welcome.


Why did my mind change?


I guess we all come to a point when the smallest and simpler things such as to be around the ones that make you feel good, the ones that make you believe that life is worth of living it.

Like magic it becomes the key to unlock the big mysteries of our existence.


Be around in today’s world needs to be understood in a very flexible way, whatever the distance.


True friendship becomes the label of our life and the only business card you want to have in your heart always ready to give away.


I wanted to thank you for being just the way you are, your messages, by phone, sms, e-mail, facebook, linkedin and face to face on my birthday reinforce my conviction that it is worth it to aim at being always better, even if sometimes better seems to be a far away destination.

Can I give you an advice?

Don’t miss the next opportunity you have to wish Happy Birthday to someone, your gesture will have an impact beyond everything you can imagine and you will never regret the time invested in such an asset.


To all of you…Happy Birthday!