Since I have started my first business, the word passion has been around, sometimes more loud then others.

Entrepreneurs, school mentors and myself mention quite often the word, but I am afraid we don’t all give the same meaning to it.

The Dictionary tell us that this adjective describes the process of having, compelled by, or ruled by an intense emotion or a strong feeling.

This is exactly were my doubts start, working on a daily basis with other business creators I am not sure we all understand the same way the role of passion to create something new.

I usually start my programs in business schools and corporate clients by asking why each person is thinking in creating a new business, the answers are diverse but way to many times have something in common. Lack of passion.

It can be a new software and few days later after the first set backs it becomes a new ice cream store, nothing wrong with that, I love ice cream, but there is something deeply tricky that I would like to share with you today.


This week and previous one, I had the chance to meet and talk with several people that are extremely committed to make a difference in specific areas of business, in same cases we have been discussing the possibility of creating something already for some years, it is recurrent.

Why? Stubborn people? I am afraid not!

There is a pattern in each individual, some kind of business DNA  that when exposed to right circumstances becomes self evident, the better we understand it the better we can use it in our own benefit and to third parties.


Quick Question.

If tonight you were awarded with a big Lotto first prize and get all the possibilities to start a new business, what it would be?


Think about your answer.

What make us wake up in the morning, day after day and face all possible challenges Murphy decides to present us is called strength, energy, focus, courage, determination, etc, you name it.

But it is not Passion.

Passion instead is a spark of geniality connected with our unique characteristics, once lighten up allows us to speak about a new software or a new ice cream Store the same way we talk about our loved ones, shining and happy.

Maybe it is easier not to think about the topic, but I challenge you to change that, your answers might be striking at first but soon will lead you to a happier life.

I think I am including next semester a new parameter of evaluation to all my students – Passion Level.


Without Passion your chances to succeed are much smaller, there is no money that will pay back all the suffering and sacrifices to put something new up and running.

Passion can be smelled from a distance…and we all love it!

Have a great week.