I believe we can credit Woddy Allen for these words, after this week, I cannot agree more with him.


With half of the family camping and the other half visiting relatives, I was “planning” to be on my own the all week like a hermit.

Enjoying the summer in Palhacana, all I had to do was to “supervise” a little construction in the backyard and use the remaining time to give a final push to a book already for too long waiting for the final chapter.

With my faithful companion Barny wait for it Perre Viana, our half golden retriever and half San Bernardo everything was set for a perfect week. Or maybe not 🙂

The construction turn out to be a bit of a masochist experimentation, having the need to change supplier in the middle of the week delaying the all project and blowing up the budget.


At the same time summer decided to disappear (again), having for two consecutive days not even a glimpse of sunshine and blue skies, which can cause immediately depression in half of the Portuguese population.

Wednesday I thought I was recovered and ready to set my mind focus on writing, when I woke up, I heard what clearly seem to be the distinctive barking of two different dogs.

In the low back of the land Barny was playing, to say the least, with a very, very big Boxer.

A bit confused I hesitate between a knife or a baseball bat to defend myself, fortunately (for me) the boxer was peaceful and few words were enough to make friends.


Usually when another dog walks into our land ends up leaving back to is house or owner, but this one not. The hours were passing and he was just sitting around following me everywhere, the writing was off for the day.

I manage to place the Boxer (I start calling him Puznik) outside of the gate and tried to explain that he should go back home because his owner should be very worried, but he stayed the all evening and (according to my hears) the all night nearby the fence.

Next day I had to feed him and try to make sure that Puznik and Barny could share the same space without going crazy, or myself without losing a piece of my hand.


Without any distinctive sign, address or phone number on his collar, I end up taking him to the nearest veterinarian, but he had no identification chip as well.

Suddenly the all day turned into checking the work done by the new supplier on the construction and asking neighbors and nearby café if a dog with similar description was lost, no lucky, except for the construction that was finally going the right way.

Thursday I finally manage to print out same posters like in old Western days and distribute them in supermarkets, cafe, etc. on top of Facebook pages, lost dogs websites and so on.

One last try, I took Puznik in my daily running sessions, trying to reach some distant farms and see if by chance he would recognize home.

Without leash he was the perfect running mate, either following me or pushing my speed. But despite the try he stayed all the time nearby.

Tired I decided to turn around on my route when some pheasants disrupt his attention and suddenly he was gone, vanished, I call as loud as I could, run back, but honestly, he was so much faster than me. The last kilometer was a very sad one.

I was desolated while entering the gates of the land, after such a crazy week, was time to start planning for the next one.

Guess who was waiting for me at the door of the house?

Yes you are right, Puznik himself 🙂


The construction is almost done, it looks really good, the book did not move more than few pages, and I learn (again) a good lesson.

Take away:

Making plans is key and require the very best of us, but be ready and open to change them, learn and enjoy the process, because the final result can be outstanding and inspiring for the next planning session.

Have a great week!