Quite often friends,colleagues and students ask me where they should invest their resources, and quite often my reply is the same.

Before sharing one of the best hidden secrets a little story.

Back in Portugal, I had a chance to make a trip around the country with my two oldest sons, without much of a plan except an hotel booking for the first night, swimsuits and flip flops, a true road trip with boys began.


It is not the first time we do so, and every time we do it I realise how much beauty we have in our own backyard.

Its incredible how such a small country can bear in terms of special offerings, one of a kind experiences that half of the world cannot even dream of, all you have to do is ask, and locals will lead you, forget the traditional guides.


The hours of driving, the new scenario, new people everyday, are always an invitation for adventure and new experiences, along with many laughs that stay forever.


The intensity of every hour is not always easy to handle, but that’s exactly what makes it so special, giving you the unique felling that you are alive.

I kept a golden moment in my mind, when facing a long driving stretch.

I was telling a story that I heard from my grand-father and the boys seemed to be enjoying.

When I finished, Santiago ask me how many kilometres until our destination, which I answered, 250km, thinking that he was already bored to death.

His reply was incredible.

“ 250km still? that’s amazing, we can hear so many more stories”


This are signs that your investments are earning pretty high yields.

More than 1000 km later, we were able to fall in love (again, and again) with Portugal, catch up with friends unseen for many years and even pass by grand-fathers hometown and cross our ways with cousins that we long lost contact.


Returning back home, the amount of images, sounds and tastes confirmed in our minds that are really few sure assets to invest with guaranteed return.

Every minute spent with family and friends will always give you two minutes of happiness, one for each. 100 % return.


Don’t loose the opportunity to invest this summer!