Curiously (or not), I understood better the word home when I start traveling more seriously away from my street and my hometown, somewhere between the age of 15 or 16.

At the beginning the fun of discovering new places, new people and friends, and of course the fun of being away from parents where at the center of the experience.

During my first longest stay away, in a foreigner country while in high school in my senior year I became aware of how much connected I was with my family, home country and its culture.


I was so proud of “my food”, music, language, family and the list was growing everyday.

Curiously (or not) when I return to Europe, I felt the same regarding the family, the place and friends where I spent the previous year.

Since that time, the story has been repeating, year after year.

Thanks to my studies, work, friends and I guess my hunger to know more about the blue planet, the concept of “home” has change, it became wider, more flexible and larger then my own life.

Why is that?

I believe that every time you open your heart to other people, places and circumstances there is an exchange of life, the part becomes the whole and vice-versa.

The more we practice the better we become, it is like going to the gym.

To the point where borders and countries are meaningless, and your nation becomes, your wife, kids, parents, brothers, friends, people you meet without knowing their names, stones, rivers, music, scents…and the list will keep growing, every day.


Curiously (or not), all of the above applies to work, bosses, colleagues and so on, despite the fact we learn the opposite in most schools.

Last night I had the chance to share with my oldest son, I guess he was ready for it, the movie into the wild.


Not only a masterpiece with a soundtrack of Eddie Vedder but also a great reminder for every second of our existence.

“Happiness only real when shared”

Summer vacations are at the door, why not experiment to open up your heart and live in a bigger home ?