It is unusual for me to have two shareholders assemblies in the same week, especially from the same company.

It was an event that triggered in my mind an interesting set of questions that might be useful to keep at close hand.

Did you ever thought about, why do you (really) need a Partner?

Is it because you cannot do it on your own? Is it because you might be afraid of falling all by yourself? Or Is it because the partner chose you?

Try to revise situations in your life, either business or private, were you had the need to make the decision to connect and stay with a certain person, for a period of time in order to achieve a certain objective.

It might be worth it, to stop for few seconds and think about it.

You might tend to choose a partner for life, raising your kids, spend vacations, buying a house, enjoy social and leisure activities all together in one group and on another one, look for a partner that shares the same business passion, that’s willing to work night and day to bring to life an idea, speak to others on your behalf, a person that is critical for the business.

Depending on the challenge and the duration of it, you might think that you decisions might need a different balance between emotion versus reason.

I am not so sure about that, we are whole, decisions should be whole, emotion and reason should be like twins, different but same.

Make another quick stop and think,

What do you look in a partner? Did you ever thought about that?

Are you looking for someone pleasant to be around? Someone that says yes to all your wishes? Unquestionable trust?  Access to situations and persons you could not reach by yourself?

It is important to be able to post these questions before you commit, at least to yourself, and try to find a good set of answers.

The more you balance your expectations versus your goals the less surprises you will have along the way…and believe me…you will !

There is no right or wrong answers, but there should be answers, write it down and keep it with you for the day you need to remind yourself or your partner.

Some time ago my wife needed to remind me about the reasons we got a dog, after he dig few craters in the garden, and it was very important for me and for Barny as well.

I guess more relationships and companies would last longer.

Think about it!