When was the last time you need to work on your Curriculum vitae?

How was it?

Did you had trouble to fit the course of your life in a two sides of A4 paper?

Was it easy to go back in time and fill in blanks?

I lost track when was the last time I took the time to work on my CV.

Over the last years, every time I was asked for one, I would just go into the old folder and sent the old PDF standing there.

This week I had the chance to work with an experienced human resources professional and former global headhunter, which help me to change my perspective and opinion about the real need for a CV, I will share with you, and hopefully I might change yours as well.

What is a CV?

Most of the times, we think about it, when we need it, usually pressed by a threat or an opportunity, but most of the times, pressed by an event, meaning, we will think very little about it.

Is it a shopping list with strategic placed “seals” of approval and good behavior?

What does it tell, truly about the person behind?

What do you try to achieve with a CV?

Most of times, a person feels that is trying to fit into a certain role, reminding me some games my boys use to play, trying to place a round shape piece into a square shaped hole, not easy, and often painful.


Can it be different? Yes, and it should!

The most important outcome of going throughout your past experience, achievements, former colleagues, report lines and additional training is the opportunity to revise yourself with sufficient distance to understand better who you are, whatever you did in the past.

from a distance

Despite the fact that if you want to get a better job you will need to deliver hard data about yourself that everyone will be able to confirm, there is also an opportunity to tell a story that should be compelling to the point of triggering the curiosity to meet you.

When you have to revise what you have done, successes and failures, right and not so right moves, it becomes clear the process that took you until the point were you are today, and if done in an honest way, it will shade light into your future moves.

Life is dynamic, incredibly dynamic, and work should be an expression of your own life. Long gone is the time, when you were born already booked by your parents wishes and professional background.

There is a core essence (or more) waiting to be unleashed within each individual, that needs to find a good match with an opportunity, often put into rest in very early stages of life, yes, we can blame our educational system and who believes in it.

But it does not have to be like that, my grand father lived until his 99th anniversary and believe me; he was reinventing himself over two centuries, two world wars adding new skills and competencies, including computers, until the day it was time to go.


So I guess any of us can also do it, and do it well.

If you don’t know how to start, let me give you a little help.

Try to read a book by Sir Ken Robinson, http://sirkenrobinson.com/?page_id=15  and you might risk to find your element, and your cv will have to change soon.

sir ken

I’am keen to believe that every person, once a year should revise his cv, and even not having the need to do so, force your mind to see things in perspective and upon the facts identified make sure a action plan for change will follow.

I learned a lot by doing the same exercise and immediately saw impact in my daily work.

Isn’t about time for you to revise your cv?