More or less ten years ago I almost collapse in front of a TV, actually I think i did, the process trigger in me the decision to stop spending time watching what could not bring me any good, and since that day let me tell you, I am afraid I did not miss much.

Last week because of a work I was developing, I had to pay plenty of attention into main news providers across different platforms, countries and thematics and as a result, something really powerful strike me so hard that I decided to make it the core of my weekly idea.


I still remember well the day I decided to stop spending time in front of a tv set, at the time I was working in Moscow and during a sleepless night sparked by jet leg, I stared for a couple of hours zapping endlessly trough out the hundreds of channels offered.

I remember well the feeling I had in my heart after watching the news about the Arctic meltdown, human rights exploitation, the world economy, hunger, fanatic fundamentalism…and the list went on growing and growing.


I could not bear the sensation that there was no hope left around me, the ruthless weight of the world was closing down and it seemed that there was not much I could do about it.

On that same night I made few important decisions that during last week I was “forced” to bring to my memory and revive with a decade in between.

The main feelings I had this week were more or less the same but the perspective looking at them is quite different thanks to few “changes” I would like to share.

Since that distant night in Moscow, I basically never sat again in front of a tv to let my brain be anaesthetised in the end of a working day, I decided to start deciding what was coming inside my mind, same kind of media and information diet and block out all the rest that did not contribute to my individual growth and development.

offI also start actively searching for good news instead of the bad ones that I could find everywhere and surprisingly, or not, over the last ten years I have been subscribing to inspiring sources such as and its daily meditation; also with a daily message; with fresh good news and stories, and the list went on growing from year to year.


I found great sources that reinforce daily my believe that there is nothing wrong with the world, only with us, with each one of us individually, and as a consequence as a group and society.

I can tell you that most of the days I cannot read all the mails I receive but I can assure you that everyday I turn on my computer and my mailbox is full of great news, and you know why?

Because there are millions of people doing good and looking for good everyday, actually the vast majority of the habitants of the blue planet 🙂

Ten years passed since that turning point and we still have plenty of challenges to solve, but on the other side, there are more and more people willing to be the change we want to see.

This are great times, the ones we are living. They request great women and great men, able to stand up for the right things in the right moment and unleash all the good power that lives in our hearts.

At work, among friends, in school, richer or poorer, young or older, north or south it does not really matter, we all have hundreds of daily opportunities in front of us to change, for better, this world, and it only depends on each one of us.

Get up and reach out for the world, take a picture of it and stick it near your desk, just in case you need to refresh your mind

Picture 264

I can give you a little help, start by trying and if you want listen to some music you like at the same time, music always helps 🙂

Try to use your power this week…you will be surprised…and the world too !