We all heard this many times in life and probably experienced it more often while years pass by.

This week was time to return to Portugal, plenty of hours working from home and towards the end of the week a event I wouldn’t miss for anything. My high school class from Sagrado Coraçao de Maria was reuniting.

I was not expecting many attendees, but I guess that is never the point on a group of friends reunion.

Being together with people we care after more than 20 years is always an extraordinaire felling despite the numbers of times we do it.

This type of events always give me a unique sense of perspective that I tend to use in business and life in general. Let me share with you few key insights and how useful they can be.

Listen – I am impressed with the things I learn when I am (really) listening my former colleagues, it seems that every person as a message or story waiting to improve me as a person.In Business – learn to talk less and last, specially if you have the final word on the matter, you might learn one or two things before making a decision.


Stay close to the essential – when time is short and we are aware of it, we (humans) tend to be quite good at saying the essential, and nurture every minute as special. I love reunions because we tend not to waist time, three or more hours fly without much effort.

In Business – if it is not essential, it can wait for the coffee time helping the flow and overall outcome of the conversation. If it is not essential bite your tongue 🙂


Don’t loose an opportunity to show your appreciation – having had the chance to be around  former teachers that maneuver my soul as a piece of clay in my early years, I get a kick out of telling them how much they influence positively myself as a person, and I am sure it is a good felling for them to know that they went way beyond the subject and reach the highest level a teacher can aspire, becoming a life reference.

In Business – feedback is not only a great tool for improvement but probably the most effective, if you have to manage or work with someone, always give feedback, and when above average, praise without reserves.


Be there – I guess you can always find something else to do on a Thursday night, but relations are like plants, they do need water once in a while. When you show up you are giving the most precious thing of all, yourself. When you add up all this goodwill, you always came back home better and richer than you were before.

In Business – you can always be there without being really. It does not need to be like that. When a group of people work together giving their best, the result is always better, and it always starts in you 🙂


One final thought. We can only reunite what once was united, simple but dramatically powerful. Don’t miss any opportunity to deliver the best version of you, it is when you give yourself that you usually find yourself.

The week ended with a very kind message via LinkedIn from a former student of mine from Kimep (Kazakhstan), almost 8 years ago. Once again reinforcing my gratitude to all beautiful people that took the time to give me their best versions, making it easier for me to reflect  to others all the good seeded in us.


Looking forward to see my friends again, enjoy their presence, laugh together, celebrate life and  in the end of the evening feel unique because they are unique.

Have a great week and don’t forget, Time is what you make of it.