There is nothing like a health check to help you put things into perspective.

My week started with plenty of wires connected to my brain and my breathing system in such a way that almost made me feel like an astronaut before going into the moon on a mission.


The hours and minutes a person spends laying and waiting for time to pass favor quietness and clarity, some kind of forced meditation 🙂

Fortunately the next day brought not only clear skies and heat up to 27c (In Portugal we went directly from winter to summer), but also good news regarding the health check, nevertheless something was different after departing from the clinic.

I felt more wired than ever. Wired to life first all, to my family, friends…and by extent I guess to everything.

I believe you don’t need this “moments” to get back on track on things that you tend to slightly overlook with time, but honestly speaking that can give a little help, moments of threat reconnect you with essential things in life, which are by definition not that many.

As a consequence before heading back to Eastern Europe, minutes and activities became more tasty, little problems even littler and I even resume my running practices.

I believe it is almost the same thing in business, either new or existing.

You don’t need the market to tell you that you are dead 🙂 you can have moments, processes or people that once in a while, without a status quo to defend, point out the big elephant on the room.


It takes courage from owners and managers to hear the health check results, but after, whatever the feedback, it is always easier to act upon it.

It is Saturday, and Spring (or summer…I am not sure) also arrived in Kiev.


The city is getting  ready for the warm season, and while running this morning between St Sophia Cathedral and St Michael´s Monastery  It was impossible to ignore the crowds of subbotnick ( volunteers, an interesting concept, that reminds me the health check every city needs.


I wish you and your companies a week ahead wired to the essential.