A week of redemption, I could define it in such a way.

The main objective was at first sight, quite simple, compile researching ideas I have been looking at for some time and turn them into a 1.500 words paper.

Easy task I thought to myself, it was Monday and the rain was still in doubt to leave spring alone. Before the first working day was finished I could already feel the herculean task in front of me by measuring my levels of frustration.

I guess after working for more than a decade in advertising, you kind of learn how to say in a very concise way the main idea behind a product or service, and indeed it does help.

But to wrap up a thought, a set of hypothesis with ambition to become a theory, is a different story.

Tuesday morning, not only I could not feel any comfort, but on top, my paper could not avoid to increase the number of words, more than 4000 to be more precise.

It was about time to open my yellow box of Partagas (chicos) and have the first smoke of the week, honouring my old teacher that always claimed that we are too stressed because we dont smoke good things and we dont drink good red wine.


We have been raised in a society that keeps on tell us that the more the better; buy two take three, plus 50cents and you will get an XXL menu, one more product to get a discount on the overall package or my favourite; the 400 pages power point presentation without a single interesting idea.

A strange equation that tends to miss (totally) the quality point of view.

It was time for the second smoke of the week.

Quality is related with the essence of things, from food to words, from wine to people, quality means that you are somehow closer to the inner circle of things, and that central essence is good, interesting or positive.

Quality is an exercise of authenticy and plainness, which leads you, sometimes painfully, to the essence of things.

We cannot always achieve top quality, but if we search for it in a dedicated and honest way, whatever is the result, it will always take you closer, and you as a person tend to become a better one.

To narrow down your ideas, to gain a greater focus, you truly need to “be there”, connecting with your own essence until clarity makes the complex simple and the long, short.


When a person decides to be fully present in every moment of life, whatever we might be doing, miracles happen. The moment I start listening to myself, the number of words in my paper started to decrease.

Any first step bearing in mind our oneness is always a great first step; training your dog to do incredible things, writing a paper, planting a tree, watching your son sleep or wake up before the sunrise…


By Friday the paper was down to 1.500 words…guess what ? it works, you can say more, saying less!

Wish you a week full of quality.