While Western and Eastern Europe struggles to figure out where springtime went this year, I was fortune enough to spend the last week in Portugal, with a bit of rain, but with most of the days above 17c, I even manage to visit my Alma Mater near the coast – Azenhas do Mar.

Azenhas do Mar

During the week I welcomed my good Friend Nick from Alaska and Chris from Germany who came to visit Europe’s West Coast. Curiously they are looking at Portugal as potential living destination.

I always found interesting to become a “touristic guide” in my own country, it is a complex exercise of interior discovery, which in the end gives you a different perspective on things you have been seeing since you were born.

Having had the chance to live in other continents and cultures. I believe Portugal is one of the best living destinations in the blue planet, and this felling becomes even stronger when you hear from others what do they feel, hear, taste and desire after spending some time around.

My father in law always refers to Portugal as the best-hidden secret in Europe, where people are friendly and open to foreigners, where the average professional is skilled and hard worker and wine is incredibly good and cheap.


A good friend from Kazakhstan, always mention his pleasure supporting our national soccer team, some sort of underdog with dazzling skillful players, something like David against Goliath or if you prefer Europe’s Brazil.

Other friend from Poland, now living in Vietnam, loves our pastel de nata (that he discover in Macau) and of course our endless beaches and powerful waves.

original pastel de belem


I could go on and on with other examples of outside perspectives, that should make all Portuguese proud of what they stand for.

While the country itself is not able to hold back is best talents over last years, more and more talented people from around the world are moving in looking for what they cannot find in their own home countries.

Where one can find needs and problems, one can find opportunities.

The beauty of the country and its people is fully recognised when you can compare it with others, reason why it is easier for foreigners to understand what Portugal is about, reason why, as well, the country has a lot to gain if more foreigners move in and more Portuguese experience to live abroad.

One of the secrets of happiness (at least for me) is related with our feet J, never leave both of them in the same place, one foot in Portugal and another around the world…the same way our navigators did more than 500 years ago.


A good way to start your trip to Portugal could be – The First Global Village: How Portugal Changed The World  – from Martin Page (I lost count how many of these I offer to friends).

A more visual trip can be achieved at www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXsQif3QLjs

Or enjoy a great song at www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcFmvCyzlJ8

The future success of our world depends highly in our ability to open ourselves to others and I can assure that you are very much welcomed at Europe’s West Coast.

A good week to all of you!